Team Building Icebreakers and Openings

Team Building Icebreakers are a great way to get your event and your team moving!

All of our team building events have some common themes (completely customizable of course).

We like to start with icebreakers to get the group warmed up and interacting not only with the facilitator, but with each other. We have a laundry list of team building icebreakers to choose from, and we’ll work with you to determine which are the best fit for your group.

Large groups are split up into smaller groups.

We know that as soon as you tell everyone to split into teams people immediately pair off with people that they know and work with daily. We put the kibosh on that by using fun exercises to randomly split the group up, driving interaction and engagement with others that they may not normally interface with.

Our expert facilitators are able to read a crowd – and your team – in a heartbeat, and assess on the fly how the teams interact, and how the entire group interacts as a whole, and tailor the icebreakers to ensure maximum effect and maximum success.


Are you looking for charity team building, or corporate team building without the philanthropic aspect?

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