Leaders from Bamboo Sushi Gather in Hood River to Sharpen their Skills

Anyone in the sushi restaurant business is used to tough standards, tight deadlines and sky-high client expectations.

bamboo-sushi-logoThat’s why we were honored when leaders from Bamboo Sushi chose us for leadership training in the Portland area!

This group of restaurateurs came to us and requested a team building workshop for their group of 16 this past Fall season.  Since Bamboo Sushi is located jut outside of Portland we were happy to hold this event at their location in Hood River.

A combo event turned out to be perfect for these leaders.

Our suggestion for their customized event was a combo deal, drawing from two of our most popular leadership training events:

  1. Campfire Leadership™ Program
  2. Team Synergy Team Building Workshop

Our Campfire Leadership™ program explores new perspectives on leadership.  Examining personality and behavior means leaders get fresh insight on group dynamics.  This helps leaders learn how to accommodate differences in communication styles in everyday scenarios at work.

Our Team Synergy™ team building workshop is always customized for the client but invariably incorporates hands-on activities designed to foster collaboration.  We often suggest this workshop for groups made up of high-performers or leaders such as this group.

Sustainability experts, teamwork champs.

These Bamboo Sushi leaders had some pretty impressive accomplishments behind them: the first restaurant in the US to be named an official “Certified Green Restaurant”, for starters.

Team SynergySo it came as no surprise to everyone that they jumped into workshop activities with enthusiasm and talent.  Running an award-winning and green-certified restaurant is tough work.  It requires tight management as well as good communication at all levels.

But when leaders compete rather than collaborate, processes can start to break down.  That’s why leadership training workshops like this one serve to remind everyone that they’re all on the same team.

By de-emphasizing competition and placing more emphasis on collaboration in these workshop activities, all-star groups get to dial it back and work together.  This group “got it” and now they’re returning to work with a little more insight on how to work together effectively in any situation.

Team building in Portland, done your way.

We run team building workshops for leaders all over Portland and surrounding areas.  If you’d like to hear more about the workshop like the one we did for Bamboo Sushi, just give us a call.  Can’t call?  Just use the online quote form you see on this site.

Leaders seeking synergy, teams seeking advanced communication skills, or groups looking to do some charity team building…it doesn’t matter what you’d like, we’ve got it right here in Portland!


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