Finding the Best Team Building Activities for Work

Team building activities for work get a bad rap, largely in part to the long list of team building events gone wrong. Whether it is not trusting the trust fall or dreading to try a new extreme sport, team building activities that are meant to inspire and support a team can create the opposite effect. Here are three easy ways to make sure your next team building event is hitting the mark.

Know The End Game

The key to organizing a successful event is to be crystal clear about what you are trying to accomplish. Are you ramping up for a new product launch? Trying to salvage a disgruntled group of employees? Is the goal to simply foster stronger connections between an existing team? When you are clear about your goals, you can craft an event that best meets the needs of your team and organization.

Respect the Comfort Zone

The goal of team building events is typically to encourage a fresh perspective on old problems or to explore innovative solutions. Yet, in the search for thinking out of the box, events can push the team so far out of their comfort zone that they can’t effectively focus on the goal or connect with each other. Choose an activity that allows for a new perspective without making your team feel uncomfortable.

Competition and Cooperation

Finding the Best Team Building Activities for Work
Most effective team building exercises incorporate an element of both competition and cooperation. Tug-a-war, anyone? The key to a meaningful team building event is to have the right balance. Too much competition and your team could leave feeling more exhausted than energized. Too much cooperation and your team might feel like the event is just a feel-good afternoon with little tangible purpose. One great solution to enhance a cooperative event is to organize a charity building event, like a bike building activity. These kinds of team building events add an extra layer of purpose and meaning to the team building experience.

Creating effective and engaged teams in the workplace is the key to success in the current marketplace. Understanding how to best create and support team building activities for work teams can make a difference in how you achieve that success.

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