Team Synergy

Team Synergy: a Fun, High Performance Workshop Aimed at Getting Results

Want to really challenge your team? Try Team Synergy, a series of collaborative activities aimed at creating positive change in the workplace. By focusing on the way individual team member strengths can come together to overcome obstacles, the Team Synergy workshop fosters a feeling of respectful collaboration within your high performing group.

Collaboration, Not Competition

As team members work through their day, they’re not only solving fun puzzles…they’re helping each other find resolution to problems and talking about it in facilitator-led roundtable talks. There’s a real focus here on breaking down silos and addressing the need to connect with colleagues for a more collaborative environment at work

How Does Team Synergy Work?

The Team Synergy workshop is designed to include activities which will bring out your team’s natural interactive styles. They’ll be assessing their own progress in each activity in order to adjust their next step accordingly. That’s where the higher-level communication skills come into play- and also where areas of concern will start to make themselves apparent. That’s where the real fun begins!

You see, the core issues your team is facing will be front and center, right where we want them. That way, we can tackle areas of concern…attitude, relationships, and behavior. By building on communication skills, team members realize together that they can work towards improvement in the following areas:

  • Team SynergyCreative Problem Solving
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Dealing with Limited Resources
  • Improving Communications
  • Connecting with Co-Workers

Team Synergy: a Workshop on a Whole New Level!

That’s right, they’ll be working hard…but it’s high-energy, fast-paced fun for teams ready to tackle some issues. The idea is that by overcoming obstacles together during their day of Team Synergy activities, they’ll gain skills needed back in the workplace. By incorporating higher-level discussion into the day of fun team building activities, you’re asking more of your team.

Can Your Team Meet the Challenge?

They’ll be asked to make direct connections between the workshop and the workplace… are they up to it? Don’t worry- the workshop is structured so that modules build upon each other. The progressive nature of the activities ensures that when the time comes for debriefing and making those connections to the real world, they’re ready!

Give us a call today and let’s create some synergy together!