Team Fusion

Team Fusion ™ was created for groups who need a little extra help getting past an obstacle or any challenge they’re facing.

Team-Fusion-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoExperts say it’s important to surround yourself with people who can point you in the right direction when you hit a roadblock.

Together, with the right skills and practice, team members can learn to rely on one another to maintain productivity and solve problems creatively when roadblocks appear.  Team Fusion ™ emphasizes these skills and allows your group to practice them in a non-threatening environment for easy transfer back to the office.

Whatever challenges your team is facing, a Team Fusion ™ workshop can help.

This team building workshop helps groups improve the skills they’ll need to get through challenging events like:

  • new management
  • restructuring
  • any kind of corporate change
  • upcoming conference/presentation/proposal/deadline etc
  • new cross-departmental collaborations
  • rapid growth
  • working on an international team

Team Fusion ™ is customized, every time.

Portland Team Building Laughing HystericallyTell us your area of concern during the initial consultation for your workshop and we’ll custom design your Team Fusion™ event.

In Team Fusion™, participants are learning skills that translate into improvement in the areas of communication and thinking outside the box.  Groups are presented with additional pathways to solve problems that arise in daily activities.

But that’s just the beginning!  Our first step is to listen to you- who your group members are, what your concerns have been, and what your goals might be.  Not sure of your goals?  No worries- we can help you pinpoint them!

No two teams are alike- the same goes for Team Fusion™ workshops!

Since your challenge will be different from any other group’s challenge, customization is the keystone of the Team Fusion™ team building workshop.

Here are some of the ways in which past clients have customized their Team Fusion™ workshops:

  • Team Fusion ™ for a group comprised of leaders borrowed modules from our hugely popular Campfire Leadership program right here in Portland.
  • Team Fusion ™ for a group suffering from less than 100% participation on group projects included more modules that dealt with showing the value of diversity.  They learned about personality styles and how they influence communication.  This helps team members get to know one another, which leads to higher levels of productivity.

Team Fusion ™ delivers even after the workshop has ended.

You’ll be pleased to observe your group continuing to improve on the skills they honed in the Team Fusion ™ workshop.  Even once the workshop has ended, they’ll be working from the blueprint they established during this workshop.

We know change occurs slowly but surely in a corporate setting, which is why we stress the long-term value of workshop activities.  Through debriefing sessions aimed at easing the transfer process of skills back to the workplace we ensure long-term results for your group.

If you’d like to schedule a Team Fusion ™ team building workshop for your Portland group, please give us a call or fill out the quote form here on the website.  We can’t wait to hear from you!