The Big Picture

Everyone Contributes in The Big Picture!

Imagine a workshop where your team comes away completely refreshed and inspired to contribute positively to everything they do in the workplace. Imagine they’re not afraid to share their ideas in an environment where everyone respects others’ contributions.

The Big PictureThat’s what The Big Picture workshop does for you…team members learn the value of a diverse set of minds when it comes to working toward a goal, and they let go of their fears about contributing in a group setting. In this case, it’s performing activities that bring out the creative side in everyone.

The Big Picture Brings Creative Minds Together

Team members have a blast discovering personality types and seeing how they contribute in a “patchwork” style to everything they do. Not every idea is a winner, but sometimes one person’s “nugget” can become another person’s inspiration- unique minds bring out unique ideas, the lifeblood of any dynamic work environment. Creative collage materials are used to produce a group masterpiece of art, after which the art supplies can be donated to art programs around Portland or any charity your company chooses.

Once they realize the value of having a broad range of ideas in a group project, they’ll be more apt to let go of fears and start contributing. Transferable to the office environment? You betcha! Here are a few of the key skills targeted by this workshop:

  • viewing co-workers as resources by seeking and sharing information
  • overcoming fears of contributing original ideas

Inspire Creativity and Work Toward a More Dynamic Work Environment

Learn whether you’re a Picasso or a Monet and see how it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Any good team is made of a diverse set of minds, and The Big Picture demonstrates the importance of the various styles in your workforce. After a day of stretching their creative sides and working together on their masterpiece, your team can return to work with renewed focus on positive collaboration and a better workplace environment for all.
Give us a call today and let’s draw The Big Picture together!