Corporate Team Building Activities

portland-team-building-what-so-what-now-whatIf you’re looking to add a philanthropic twist to your corporate team building event, check out our charity team building workshops.

If you’re looking for structured corporate team building activities, you’re in the right spot! Our Corporate Team Synergy workshop leads the industry in innovative, educational training. We can customize events from two hours up to full-day and two-day workshops based on your needs and schedule.

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How Does It Work?

Our unique programs are made up of a series of challenges that motivate individuals to function as a team. These challenges include both cognitive and experiential activities.
The members of the group must explore new ways of working together in order to be successful. The series of challenges reveals patterns of behavior that may have prevented them from being a high-performing team.
Teams go through three stages of development when moving towards positive change…awareness, understanding and application. That’s how we designed the sequence of programs we offer to provide groups with the tools to feel, act and perform like a team.

Why does it work?

As a species, we learn by DOING. Research has shown that we retain 90% more of what we experience over what we read, observe, or hear.
Our programs present problem-solving situations where groups use their collective knowledge, experience and ideas to arrive at creative solutions. This synergistic approach is designed to keep the lesson fresh in your team’s heads so they take that learning back with them to the workplace.
What good is learning if it doesn’t stick?

What Can We Offer You?

In a learning environment of cohesiveness and adventure, groups will encounter a variety of intellectual and physical challenges giving them the opportunity to develop skills in:

    Effective Communication
    Group Problem Solving
    Building Trust
    Sharing Best Practices
    Leadership Skills
    Bottom Line Performance
    Action Planning
    Community Building

How Does The Process Begin?

Our programs are designed with our clients to meet the specific needs of each group in terms of desired outcomes, timeframes and investment.
Our highly skilled team building specialists use a variety of needs assessment tools and techniques to design a program that best meets our clients’ goals.
From the initial needs assessment, through the design, implementation and follow-up of the program, we maintains a professional, collaborative relationship with you, our client.
The goal: to build effective teams and to enhance the potential of each team member’s personal and professional life.

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