Corporate Culture: What’s In Your Petrie Dish?

Corporate Culture May Have Many Meanings!

A petrie dish is a small cylindrical container in which biologists grow cells for study and experimentation. It usually contains a warm liquid and a medium upon which the cells or bacteria can grow. Whether the organisms are good or bad, given the right environment, they can thrive.

How often have many of us, squirreled away in our cramped little cubicles, felt a bit like tiny amoeba struggling to survive in a confined, and not altogether welcoming environment?

Corporate Culture Whats In Your Petri DishCorporate culture should be an incubator for creativity, innovation, and productivity. It should challenge as well as nurture the skills and talents of each staff member. Sounds divine doesn’t it? Is such a lofty idea too good to be true? Maybe…but not necessarily.

The corporate culture in any organization is only as healthy [or as toxic] as its leadership. Even a group of very dissimilar personalities can mesh into a dynamic team, if the medium in which it grows is a healthy, receptive one.

Recognizing each team member’s strengths is an important first step, but it’s equally important to acknowledge and validate these strengths publically, without pitting one person against the others. Healthy competition is only really healthy when it encourages everyone to be their best.

Stigmatizing a person’s weaknesses is not as beneficial as providing a model to overcome them. For example, offering professional enrichment classes, or personal development workshops can encourage a worker to improve their professional and interpersonal skills in a non-threatening but challenging way. A shrewd leader will recognize a subordinate’s weakness, not as an obstacle to production, but as an opportunity for growth.

And it’s not always up to the leader to show leadership. Team players have a role to play as well. Tenacious commitment to one’s comfort zone can be professional suicide. Setting goals and taking the risks required to meet those goals sometimes means thrusting oneself into uncomfortable situations with challenging people.

The good news is that there’s always a payoff. Oh, the corporate climate may be such that a prized promotion may not come through, but what will invariably happen is emotional and professional growth; improving interpersonal skills; and gaining new conflict resolution techniques.

No matter how different each person is, strong leadership and proper handling of each personality in a stable, nurturing environment can turn your office into the kind of climate where you can cultivate the corporate culture you need.  If your team is experiencing issues due to staff turnover, corporate changes, or interpersonal conflict within the office, contact us and let us show you how we can help you!

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