Wheelchair Team Building

Wheelchair Team Building puts a new “spin” on philanthropic team activities!

Portland-Team-Building-Events-Wheelchair-Team-BuildingIn this fast, fun, educational charity team building event, your team will work together to overcome challenges in order to earn the parts and tools necessary to build a wheelchair for mobility challenged individuals in your community.

While the challenges your team will face in this workshop may be difficult, it’s nothing compared to the challenges that those with limited mobility face on a daily basis. A wheelchair provides freedom and independence for those with mobility challenges, and they rely on their wheelchairs as an essential part of daily life.

Imagine that you don’t have the resources to get those wheels, adding an additional set of challenges. In the news there was a recent story where a military veteran’s wheelchair broke in a Lowe’s store because he didn’t have the means to obtain a new chair.

Now you can be part of the solution!

Your team will not only learn to communicate together effectively during the workshop, they will feel the deep emotional satisfaction of helping to provide a life-changing asset to an individual who truly needs it.

We will arrange for a representative from a local organization to come in at the end of the workshop to say a few words about how these wheelchairs will change lives. Your team is guaranteed to have a few watery eyes and a sense of pride for their accomplishments.

Give us a call today and let’s create a fantastic event together!