Puttin Pantry

Puttin Pantry™: A Day of Fun and Challenges

There’s “team building” and then there’s “team bonding”. Puttin Pantry™ does both for your group, which is why it’s such a popular workshop in all our locations. Puttin Pantry combines the team building effects of a challenging multi-stage workshop with the bonding effects of working together for a common good. Your teams come away having developed skills for the workplace as well as having had a good time.

How does it work?

Team members work to build a mini golf course from non-perishable food items. Then after a few workshop activities centered around their courses, they dissemble everything and package up those food items for donating to a local charity…team building and bonding all in one.

Why Puttin Pantry™ Works

Designing a golf course takes vision. In fact, in the real world those who create golf courses are called architects. That’s because it requires not only vision but also creativity, mechanical skills and lots of planning.

Well even a mini golf course takes a bit of each skill, which is why our Puttin Pantry™ team building event is not only very popular but also extremely effective at creating bonds between team members who work together towards a common end result.

Because each mini golf course requires an overall plan with vision, each team must find a way to work together on that vision. Before they even get started building the course, they’ll have to overcome the design phase using the following skills:

  • Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-Logobrainstorming
  • communicating
  • recognizing a leader to voice the vision and bring it all together
  • resource management
  • measuring success, assessing, adapting as a unit
  • using feedback to improve methods

From concept to construction, the project involves a range of diverse skills. Everyone can contribute no matter what his or her strengths…leaders, builders, creative types, organizers: there’s room for everyone in the Mini Golf Event. Team members come away with a sense of having shown a different side of themselves, fostering confidence, communication and better teamwork skills in the future workplace. Everyone wins on this golf course!

Give us a call today and we’ll show you how to make your event something that everyone will be talking about!