Mission Military Care

Mission Military Care is an engaging team building workshop dedicated to serving those who serve us and our country selflessly.

Portland-Team-Building-Events-Team-Building-Mission-Military-CareThis fast and interactive workshop provides an opportunity for groups to overcome challenges and solve problems in ways that stimulate learning and enhance growth — both individually and as a team!

The visible output of the workshop is the care packages that the teams assemble and ship to military members stationed overseas. But the invisible – and intrinsic – output is the camaraderie and learning that each member of the team takes back to the workplace. Every team scrambles to be the team with the biggest care package!

Mission Military Care is made up of a series of challenges that teach individuals how to function as a team. These challenges include both cognitive and experiential activities, as the members of the group must explore new ways of working together in order to be successful.

Transfer learning back to real world business issues

The series of challenges reveals patterns of behavior that may have prevented them from being a high-performing team, while the fun-filled activities keep them from realizing that they’re learning until they have that “ah-ha!” moment.

Through the debriefing sessions that follow each activity, your group takes time to reflect on what it has experienced. Then they transfer that experience and learning with tangible applications back to real world business issues.

After these activities and group discussion, individuals learn how they can make unique contributions at any stage of team development and how to cope with problems as they develop. Give us a call today and let us help you make your Mission Military Care event a huge success!