Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care™: Prepare for Team Building Success

Take your employees to higher levels of thinking with the Mission: Kids Care™ workshop. Team members develop workplace skills while having fun and helping local kids get ready for school.

Each year towards the end of Summer, Portland families are getting ready to head back to school. We can all remember what that entails: shopping for school supplies. Unfortunately, many kids go back to school without the basics: backpacks, paper, pencils, scissors…because some families just don’t have the means to pay for them.

That’s where Mission: Kids Care™ comes in.

The Mission: Kids Care™ workshop helps out by providing much needed school supplies to kids in your community- but only after your teams fulfill their mission in a day of team building fun.

It’s All About Preparation… and Growing

By helping families prepare for school, your teams learn the importance of preparation themselves. The keyword here is preparation…your team members will be encouraged to stretch their abilities beyond the everyday roles they fulfill in the workplace as they work together to plan the event themselves.

Team Members Learn the Importance of Their Contributions

So often in the workplace, things get done by the seat of one’s pants…whereas proper planning at every level would have gone a long way. In this workshop, everyone learns the value of preparation in working towards a common goal. More importantly, employees learn that their contributions have value- and if they take that new-found confidence back to work with them and use it to make valuable contributions, well, you’ve done your job!

Staff Assistants become team leaders, programmers become planners, and managers become collaborators as each team works together towards the common goal: planning for a successful outcome of the common goal. Groups learn:

  • collaboration skillsMission Kids Care
  • the importance of planning before implementing
  • measuring success
  • structuring a team for effective outcomes
  • teamwork skills: defining when the mission is complete

We Can Customize Your Mission: Kids Care™ Workshop

Give us a call today and let’s discuss how Mission: Kids Care™ can be customized to your company’s desires. Care packages can be planned out for women’s and kids’ shelters in the Portland area, or they can be given a theme by donating Holiday items.