Holiday Team Building

During the holiday season, everyone wants to get involved in giving back in some way. Why not take your company holiday party and turn it up a notch this year?
With a holiday-themed charity team building workshop, you get the best of both worlds: your holiday party, plus the chance to give back to your local community. It’s all done in the spirit of the season, so good cheer is pretty much guaranteed!

So Many Choices…

holiday team building logoWant to benefit pets for the holidays? Choose Happy Tails and we’ll transform your holiday party into an all-out celebration of giving, teamwork, and holiday fun!

How about a charity party that benefits soldiers stationed overseas during the holidays?  Choose Mission: Military Care and we’ll see to it that your team’s holiday spirit steps into action for soldiers.

Here are a few more ways our year ’round charity workshops can become holiday workshops:

  • Bike-A-Thon™. Was there ever a kid who didn’t feel loved when he got a bike with a big red bow on it for the holidays? Your group can brighten the season for area kids by working together and assembling bicycles.
  • Donate-A-Dinner™. This is incredibly fitting for the holidays- your team competes in highly energized activities to accumulate points. Points then become holiday dinners for local folks who could use a warm meal. It’s a classic way to recognize the Season of Giving.
  • Mission: Kids Care. Normally, we stuff backpacks full of school supplies. But at this time of year, who wants that? The holiday version has your group assembling fun, exciting packages stuffed with gifts for kids. Happy Holidays!

Everyone Gets Involved in the Holiday Spirit

holiday team building bikes and kidsUnlike a traditional holiday office party, a holiday workshop for charity is something everyone gets into.

There’s no embarrassment factor, and everyone lends a hand in creating donations for community organizations. There’s something to be said when everyone at the party is involved… it’s part of what the holiday spirit is all about, actually!

By combining your office party with a holiday-themed charity workshop, you’re assured of having the best of both worlds. To begin with, your group still enjoys the full spirit of the season with a holiday atmosphere. We can make your event as party-centered as you’d like it to be.

On top of all the festivities, your group also gets to celebrate in the true nature of the season: by giving back. Choose a local or national charity that fits your company vision and you’ve got buy-in across the board.

Now, Customize It!

Want just an hour-long event? Sure, we can do that. Or how about a full-on extravaganza where we work in a party-like event, holiday-themed team building activities, and a full-fledged charity event culminating with a visit from the charity itself. Now that’s a celebration!

Whichever format you choose, we’ll customize your workshop to make it exactly what you’ve got in mind. Consider a holiday workshop for your Year-end celebration, your holiday party, or even your annual conference to start the new year. Dial it up or scale back on the party theme, it’s your choice.

How to Get Started

If you’re merely considering a holiday team building charity workshop right now, call us! This is the busiest time of year for our workshop facilitators, and we get booked up pretty early. Some clients book in early Fall, so call soon if you’re considering a workshop this year.

Ready to start celebrating the holidays in a way that gives payback to all, including the community? Make yours a holiday team building workshop with Portland Team Building Events.