Donate a Dinner

Welcome to the new breed of charity team building workshops, where groups like yours can make a difference right in their own back yard.

Our Donate a Dinner ™ workshop has your team helping to deliver hot meals to some of Portland’s most vulnerable citizens.

A Powerful Message and a Huge Impact

Donate-A-Dinner-Team-Building-LogoNothing pulls a group together like working for something they all believe in. Helping to end hunger right here in Portland is a powerful motivator because it makes an immediate impact on the surrounding community.

It’s not every day that busy people get to make a difference in their community- but Donate a Dinner™ offers your group a chance to get involved…while improving their workplace skills.

The overall message behind the good deeds done in this charitable workshop is that your company cares about Portland. Your team comes away from the event knowing they work for a company that cares, and that they personally made a difference in their community.

It’s Still About Team Building

The power of Donate a Dinner™ lies in the enormous social message that serves to motivate every participant. However, we’re still focused on team building! We want your group to end the day not just feeling good that they’ve made a difference, but that they’ve also gained some team building skills which will serve them in the future.

Our professional facilitators harness the motivating power of a social mission, and use that energy to coax participants into working harder on skills such as:

  • effective communication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • creative problem solving

Each hands-on activity is designed to show the value of these skills, and provide opportunities to practice using them.

Participants are driven to succeed because the more they employ these work place skills, the better they’ll do with each activity.

And the more they succeed, the more dinners they’ll be donating!

In fact, teams who don’t give it their “all” will see fewer points, which means fewer dinners donated. The pressure is on! It’s always a friendly environment, though, so in the end everyone rises to the occasion and lots of points get earned.

Donate a Dinner ™ in Portland, Your Way

We can tailor the Donate a Dinner ™ Workshop any way you like. If your company has a partnership with a charitable organization, we’ll work with you to get dinners donated through them.

If your company usually donates through a 501(c), we’ll simply translate dinners into dollars and go from there. Give us a call today, we’re here to make it your workshop, your way.