Completely Custom Team Building

Anything & Everything: Completely Custom Team Building

Here’s your chance to reach a goal…a goal for your team, that is. With Anything & Everything, the entire workshop is custom-designed to specifically meet the exact goals you have in mind. We can even help you define those goals…if you have areas of concern which require attention, simply bring them to us and we’ll put together a package just for your team, comprised of modules focusing on your target area.

A Smart Curriculum Designed Just for Your Team

Need to boost morale? Break down barriers? Reinforce organizational goals? We know what it takes- for any group. After all, with an average of 15 years of experience our professional facilitators have seen what works. Plus, we do our research and with 50 years of team building to draw from, we also know what’s proven to be effective.

No two Anything & Everything workshops are alike, of course. With dozens and dozens of activities in our repertoire to pull from, we can design a fully customized workshop to fit any scenario, any goal. Here are a few things we’ve targeted for past clients:

  • Anything Everything - Completely Custom Team Building Workshopbreak down barriers between groups
  • manage limited resources
  • improve morale
  • develop communication between groups in the workplace
  • reinforce organizational goals
  • tap into creativity

Engaging, Hand-Crafted Activities Completely on Your Terms

The Anything & Everything is actually anything but… after a thorough needs assessment our curriculum designers cherry pick a tailored program that’s perfectly matched to your goals. Therefore, the first thing we do is listen…to you. Bring us your objectives and our professionals will build a workshop from scratch to meet your goals. Not sure of your goals? Talk to us- we know how to take “issues” and turn them into perfectly clear objectives…then our design team can get to work customizing your targeted workshop.

With Anything & Everything, you also choose the time frame. We can design a two-hour workshop or combine your custom plan with a classroom workshop for a full or 2-day event: either way your team comes away with a renewed sense of purpose and a stronger sense of teamwork.

A Productive Day Ends on a Positive Note

One thing that really brings a team together is a sense of purpose at a higher level: for that reason the finale of each workshop becomes a memorable occasion where a presentation is made to the receiving charity, if possible. Even if your customized workshop doesn’t involve anything being gathered for donation, cash or food items are donated, or support for soldiers & families or school supplies for kids are given…because we believe in inspiring positive change everywhere.