Charity Giving Stations

Donating cash isn’t the only way for companies to give back.  More and more, corporate social responsibility is taking a new form: volunteerism.

charity-giving-stations-logoSo, when clients came to us asking for team building workshops that focused more on charitable giving, we created a whole new type of workshop: Charity Giving Stations.

What is the Charity Giving Stations workshop all about?

Combine team building with charity work but place more emphasis on the giving and that’s Charity Giving Stations.  We took parts from each of our charity team building workshops and put it all together into one incredible giving party!

Who benefits?  Your team, your company, and of course the Portland community!

The difference between this and our other charity team building workshops is the balance is tipped slightly more towards the “giving” side of things…creating, building, assembling things to give away, that is!

Groups will encounter not one, not two, but an exciting array of options for creating much needed donations to various groups.  Moving one from giving station to the next, they’re able to enjoy maximum output for the biggest donations ever.

Portland-Team-Building-GiftsAlternatively, you can choose to just have one type of station at your event.  For example, keep it 100% bicycle building if you want.

This formula for giving is especially popular around the end the year, when giving really ramps up during the Season of Giving.

Social investments with some ROI.

Plus, because we’re all about building teamwork skills around here, there’s still a bit of skills work going on too (we just can’t help ourselves).

That means you get some return for your investment while everyone gets to create something together for a charitable cause.  It’s an investment in your team, your company, and in your community.

Building social circles in Portland.

Teams end up making connections with neighborhood groups who visit the workshops for receiving ceremonies.  Whether it’s kids from the Portland Boys & Girls Club come to get their bicycles, or firefighters there to accept donated stuffed animals, everyone appreciates seeing firsthand how their work will make a difference.

Choose your activities, build your event.

We let you do the choosing when it comes to what types of charity giving stations you’d like us to set up for your event.  Choose one, two, or all of the following four types of stations:

  1. Wagon Builders– little red wagons filled with gifts, toys, or whatever matches your designated charitable cause
  2. Bicycles – build bikes for Portland kids and watch smiles appear!
  3. Stuffed Bears (Rescue Buddies™) for first responders
  4. Wheelchairs for Portland hospitals, vet centers, or wherever they’re needed

The combo events are fun- some very successful events in the past have combined building bicycles (Bike-A-Thon) with assembling wagons filled with gifts (Wagon Builders).

Who chooses Charity Giving Stations?

This exciting new workshop is always great for any group, but here’s what we’ve found so far with our clients.  This workshop is perfect for:

  • Portland-Team-Building-Rescue-BuddiesVery large groups
  • Networking events
  • Holiday parties, or end-of-the-year events
  • Groups who want a “light” event where skills work takes a back seat
  • A conference activity, to break up the day between meetings or speeches

We’re excited about this new way for teams to get involved and put their energies into giving to the Portland community.  If you’d like to hear more about Charity Giving Stations for your Portland group, give us a call- we can set you up with a customized way to give back!