Bike Donations: Launching Youth on the Road to Success

Charitable bike donations are definitely in Portland’s wheelhouse. From Ecotrust to Child Aid to the Oregon Humane Society to Self Enhancement Inc., Portland is a city that puts its money where its heart is. In fact, Portland is listed among the top 50 most philanthropic cities in America. It’s also one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

Bike-Donations-Launching-Youth-on-the-Road-to-SuccessPortland is reported to have more bike enthusiasts per capita than any other city in the country. You and your company can not only join the fray, but rise above it by making bike donations to needy kids; and that one act of kindness may help set the wheels in motion for a whole new life for each recipient.

You and your corporation can become part of a grand tradition in the City of Roses – bicycle team building. It’s a perfect opportunity for your colleagues to get to know each other outside the four walls of the conference room. While you’re building bikes for some wonderful, deserving children, you’ll also build bridges of goodwill into your community. Bike donations are a guaranteed route to the hearts of your neighbors.

You’ll also build a sense of community among your coworkers. Divided into teams you’ll compete to solve brain teasers to “win” the items you’ll need to build your bike. Need handlebars? Answer a riddle. Need a wrench or a pair of pliers? Solve a problem or a puzzle.

Each team races to beat the clock and to beat the other team by building the best bike. From the thrilling challenge of each brain teaser to the assembly of each bike, every team member becomes part of something bigger and better than himself. Charitable bike donations are fun, challenging, and rewarding personally, socially, and professionally. They’re a contest of wits and a showcase of skills in which everyone wins.

According to 2013 demographic stats, more than 13 percent of the population in Portland lives below the poverty line. School districts in the Portland metropolitan area post some of the highest poverty rates in the state. For most – if not all – of the kids in these districts, bike ownership is a remote possibility. You can partner with police officers, social service organizations, and other charitable groups to give the gift of bike ownership to hundreds of needy children.

Charitable bike donations are not just about bike ownership. They’re about giving the gift of hope, and opening young eyes to the opportunities beyond their impoverished communities.

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