Bicycle Team Building Instills Energy for Learning.Com at Timbers Stadium in Portland, Oregon

Providence Park Timbers Stadium– home of the Portland Timbers and recently the site of a bicycle team building workshop with Portland Team Building. decided they wanted to add something to their management meeting and collaboration was the hot button that came up in the planning discussions several times. holds management meetings every few weeks, and this time they wanted to add some strategies that align with their social responsibility while instilling energy and interactive components to their meeting. The perfect solution: A Bike-A-Thon™ bicycle team building workshop!

Portland Team Building Timbers StadiumSince this was part of a larger meeting, the group first met for several hours for their internal meetings and professional development. While our charity team building workshops are fun and high energy, they are also designed to anchor the teachings and bigger insights. So this was the perfect bridge for our professional facilitator to present the Tuckman Model (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing) and fold that into the creative challenges for the team.

Great feedback from the team. Several people commented on the value of the experience and how they will take what they learned and apply it back in the office. One person commented that the event broke down barriers and opened communication.

As the management team navigated problem solving challenges at this workshop, they developed creative solutions, laughing and having a great time in the process!

Are you looking for ways to add energy to your next meeting? The Bike-A-Thon bicycle team building event is ideal for networking events, sales meetings, cross functional teams, intact work groups, virtual teams, and holiday parties.  We deliver workshop for small teams up to 15,000 people, from venue as small as your corner office to as large at the Timbers Stadium.  We work with your budget, your space, and most importantly – your goals.

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